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Multiscription offers a new way for people to find and play great games through a simple, fair and relevant business model.

For game publishers and developers, Multiscription gives increased revenue and game design freedom.

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Meet the team

Core team

Teis Anker Mikkelsen

CEO, Co-Founder, Board member
15 years experience managing games and digital product development

Agne Vitkute

Partnerships Manager
Experienced in working with developers and publishers from mainstream games to indies

Magnus Robertsson

20 years experience of
software engineering and startups

Batuhan Avucan

Business Developer
Founder of Mobidictum, analyzing mobile games for the last 5 years

Marianne Dale

UX/onboarding expert
15 years experience in user design and creative development

Thomas Løfgren

Game design expert
20 years experience in game design and creative direction

Søren Lass

Publisher Relations
Has worked with game brands, licensing and publishing for more than 20 years

Daniel Persson

Mobile Games Expert
Previous studio head & mobile division leader at several major gaming studios

Andrei Trandafir

Digital Designer
5+ years experience of digital design, focused on UI/UX and graphic work

Martha Thomsen Traoré

PR & Communication
Studies Digital Design with a specialisation in Service Design at the IT University of Copenhagen

Lasse Jensen

Business Development
10+ years experience in gaming, doing business development and working with game publishers.


Be part of the team!


Board, Investors and Advisors

Martin Walfisz

Chairman, Co-Founder
20 years experience of founding and running game companies

Johan Edfeldt

Board member & investor
Co-founder of Star Stable
and active investor in
many other companies

Stefan Lindberg

Board member & investor
Co-founder and former Partner in Creandum; investor in Fatshark and several other game companies

Markus Windelen

Investor & Advisor
25 years of publishing and senior management experience from leading game companies.

Providers and Collaborators


Experts in software development, user experience and digital design


Building world-class software and dedicated tech teams

Martin Kann Group

Turning crucial brands into dominating brands


Combining creativity and technology to swiftly transform ideas into realities on mobile, web and in the cloud.

Tobias Sjögren

20 years experience in games &
business development

Jeppe Bisbjerg

10+ year of experience in casual mobile game publishing and production

Kirstin Bosc

10 years experience in game product management and business development.

Signe Thorup Gregersen

Vast experience in business and product development from both large corporations and startups

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1. Letter of intent

Signing our simple non-binding LOI adds you to our list of potential launch partners.

2. Design & tech workshop

Meet with our team for a few hours to determine the best way to design MULTISCRIPTION benefits into your game(s).

3. Integrate SDK

Our software team will help you to efficiently integrate the MULTISCRIPTION SDK into your code.

4. Partner Agreement

Once we have verified how MULTISCRIPTION will work in your game(s), it’s time to sign a mutual contract.

5. Testing & Launch

After everything is tested to run without faults, your game is ready for launch.

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